Private Equity/ Search Funds

Deal Sourcing is the most difficult part of investing in private companies. Finding quality, consistent deal flow is where most PE investors and search funds struggle.

We’re here to help. Acquisition Finders can function as your deal sourcing partner. By outsourcing your deal flow needs to us, we can help you find the best possible add-ons or platform investments to meet your investment criteria. We work on your behalf to contact, qualify and gather information on exclusive opportunities for your firm and/or fund.

By developing proprietary deal flow we are generating opportunities that are not part of a competitive auction. In fact, you are most likely the only buyer reviewing the opportunity. This gives you maximum flexibility and leverage in developing deal structures with potential sellers.

In 2011, we introduced the Private Equity Partner Service. This service allows registered PE firms and search funds that have a buy-side agreement on file with Acquisition Finders to review businesses that are interested in partnering with a private equity firm in a number of potential transaction structures.

To learn more about the PE Partner Service and how your firm can be a part of our program, use the email link below to contact us.