Hidden Gem Acquisition Search

If you have been looking for business opportunities through typical sell-side channels, like BizBuySell and Bizquest or local business brokers, you may feel that finding a business acquisition is like looking for a needle in thousands of haystacks. At any given point, there are typically 50,000 businesses for sale. At Acquisition Finders we feel like the real number is closer to 500,000.

The reason you can’t find a business acquisition is that you are relying on a sell-side broker to develop a relationship with a seller that matches your criteria. The chances of that happening are very slim. In fact, the largest national business brokerage franchise advertises that its 1,400 brokers sourced 3,000 transactions in 2010. At Acquisition Finders we feel that those odds for success are unacceptable.

What’s needed is a process to confidentially approach business owners and start the conversation about the possibility of selling their business. At Acquisition Finders we call that process the Hidden Gem Acquisition Search. Our proprietary search process guarantees that we will find our clients a business that matches their criteria.

Our Hidden Gem Acquisition Search Process takes our clients through all phases of an acquisition:

1. Deal Sourcing – Locating and engaging the right types of businesses
2. Negotiations – Negotiating with the seller and find the right balance of price and structure.
3. Financing – Utilizing our network of lending partners, we can help you find the financing to close on your transaction
4. Closing – Assisting the buyer through due diligence and the purchase agreement to get to a successful closing.

By accessing the “Hidden Market” of business sellers, our clients are able to find a great opportunity at the best possible price, with the least amount of competitive pressure. Our process works by providing clients a number of opportunities that are “for sale”, without being “on the market” by accessing the Hidden Market of potential business acquisitions.

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