Business Owners – Time To Sell?

Are you proactive or reactive about selling your business?

At Acquisition Finders we offer a number of services for business sellers that other business brokers just cannot or will not provide. If you own a business with cash flow from $200,000 to $1,000,000, the most likely buyer of your business is an out-placed corporate executive. At Acquisition Finders we offer access to a pool of buyers that have come to us from our webinars and presentations for the largest corporate outplacement firm in the world. These are clients that have engaged our firm to help them find acquisition opportunities. Most of the time, our initial contact with a business is a letter or fax on behalf of our client. We call this a reactive seller. You are reacting to a solicitation from a party that is interested in purchasing your business.

Reactive sellers are always telling us that our firm and process is different. If you receive a letter from our firm, our client has a sincere interest in purchasing your business. We are not a typical business brokerage firm, trolling for listings or trying to sell you an overpriced valuation analysis of your company.

Sometimes you have to be proactive, which means you need to create a competitive market of interested, qualified parties. For owners that want to become more proactive in selling their business, we offer our Sell Side Services. We understand that selling a business is typically a once in a lifetime event for the owner, and the most significant financial decision the owner will ever make. Selling a business does not happen overnight – even if we would all like it to. We understand that confidentiality and trust are key concerns for business owners going through a sale. We are able to maintain confidentiality, qualify potential buyers and close transactions in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our Sell-Side process allow you to keep running your business, while we confidentially present your company to qualified buyers. We are able to work with buyers to finance a transaction, providing you the most up-front cash available from the sale of your business.

For businesses with cash flows over $1,000,000, you are a likely candidate for our Private Equity Partner Service. With the PE Partner Service we are able to confidentially present your business to over 300 private equity investment firms, at no cost or obligation to you. We can provide you with an analysis of your business, likely private equity investors and work with you to develop a mutually beneficial transaction structure in the most confidential manner possible.

No matter the size of your business, we offer potential sellers the opportunity to learn the value of their business. We provide sellers a detailed valuation analysis free of charge.

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